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How Campbell & Mance Puts Sustainability First in Land Development

The real estate industry has not always had the most dazzling record when it comes to promoting sustainability. However, finger-pointing isn't going to solve the problem. Campbell & Mance understands that improving the way that sustainability is treated within the real estate industry can change the future of the industry as a whole.

Improved awareness of our role in improving our environment has led many to view the process of creating new projects differently. The Environmental Magazine explains:

Eco-friendly development is increasingly popular, as investors seek alternatives to unsustainable levels of growth. The real estate industry can make land development more sustainable by utilizing techniques such as low-impact development and environmental site design.

It is all about thinking about the ways that we have created real estate projects in the past and how we can do it differently moving forward. We don't necessarily have to scrap everything that we know about real estate development. However, we should make sure we are performing these tasks in the most sustainable ways possible.

Campbell & Mance Mission

Campbell & Mance seeks to construct, design, and develop sustainable communities that reflect the virtues and values of the people who live there. It is our goal to not only create communities that prioritize both the needs of the people who live there, but also the social well-being and environmental sustainability of the local community. We seek to innovate and reimagine the way that communities can be designed. Our approach is different from what others are doing. We have put such an emphasis on the environmental impact of everything that we do.

Focus Areas: The Parts of the Process We Zero in On

Particular aspects of real estate development must be taken step-by-step. This is to examine where there are places where the process can be improved. We firmly believe that every aspect of real estate development can be altered to design the perfect communities that don't harm the environment but enhance it.

Land Development

There are approximately 1.9 billion acres of land within the Continental United States. That massive amount of space has largely been developed without significant consideration paid to the environmental impact of those actions. However, that has all changed now that there is a great social awareness of the need for environmental protection. We take this part of the process very seriously and ensure that we minimize our environmental footprint as we develop the land. Importantly, we work to preserve existing green spaces within the communities that we work with. This allows us to maintain what already exists and work to improve upon it.

Residential Real Estate

Some of our proudest work is the residential homes that we construct for our clients. We design these homes to look beautiful and be incredibly efficient for their owners. At the same time, we work to make sure those homes are environmentally friendly as far as their energy consumption is concerned. We believe that residents should not have to sacrifice comfort and luxury for environmental sustainability. We know that both can co-exist because we have worked on plenty of projects which reach both objectives.

Commercial Real Estate

The commercial sector also has a role to play when it comes to environmental sustainability. We are there to assist them in that work. This is why our sustainability mission extends to commercial real estate projects as well. We know that it is vital for commercial real estate to maintain a high level of functionality. We strive to create exactly that when we build something for our clients. Also, we have some of the greatest flexibility when working with commercial buildings to create something with an eco-friendly design. The only limits on what we can do with this are the limits of our imaginations.

Sustainable Services We Offer at Campbell & Mance

As you know, our approach to real estate development is different from what you are likely to find with other developers. We intend to keep it that way. A few of the services that we offer include:

  • Project Design

This is the foundational step necessary to work on before any project truly takes root. It is necessary to formulate a design for the projects you want to see brought to life. We work on that and always keep environmental sustainability at the core of every project that we design.

  • Construction Management

Every project must meet the high standards of quality and sustainability that we set out for it. We don't allow for any backsliding when it comes to the projects we create for our clients. We want them to know that the work they receive from us is always going to have the attention to detail that they deserve.

  • Site Evaluation

Our team works to identify existing sustainable features within the community that you want to build in. On top of that, we also work to imagine what other types of sustainable features we might add to a community to make it more useful and beautiful than it already was.

  • Construction

The big moment is when shoves finally break ground and we begin the construction of your property (residential or commercial). This is one of the most important moments in the entire project. It is the moment when all of the carefully laid plans are put into action. We strive to maintain the environmental integrity of the place, and this is the moment when we can show that we are serious about accomplishing exactly that.

  • Cost Modeling

We fully understand that your construction budget is what it is. You have a certain amount of money that you can contribute to the project, and going over that amount might not be feasible. This is why we care so deeply about providing you with transparency about the cost of your project. From day one, we offer you complete cost modeling that shows you a realistic picture of what you are going to spend to have your project built.

At Campbell & Mance, we are different from the competition. If environmental sustainability is something you care about (and it should be), then you need our team of experts working with you to construct a project the likes of which you have never seen before.


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