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3 Major Reasons For Land Development

Land development is the method of transforming undeveloped land. It involves breaking ground and preparing a piece of land for building and construction, and transforming the land into a useful piece. This can include setting up commercial, residential, or even parks.

A common misconception about land development is that it is a strictly commercial process. While most land development projects do involve commercial construction, there are plenty of residential projects that require this process.

The term "land development" is often used interchangeably with "land improvement" or "land reclamation." Although these terms may be similar, they do have some differences in their meaning. Land improvements refer to adding public utilities, streets, or sidewalks to an area. Land reclamation goes one step further by returning an area to a more natural state (although sometimes this means changing the land use).

Importance of Land Development

The importance of land development can be felt on any level and is crucial to a community's growth. A good example of this is the recent boom in residential real estate. As people move into newly built homes, schools become more crowded, and roads become busier.

New schools are needed along with other roads or expansion of existing roads to accommodate the growing population. These projects require land development and an experienced contractor to ensure that everything is done properly, safely, and efficiently.

Economic Impact

Land development is important because it helps to improve the economy by creating jobs and increasing the tax base. As land is developed for new residential communities and commercial use, a larger population can reside in that area. The more people there are in a particular area, the more money is generated from sales tax.

This means that more people are employed, and more money is being spent. This increase in sales tax revenue can improve community service infrastructures such as roads and bridges.

Environmental Impact

The effects of land development on the environment can be devastating if proper planning doesn't take place. The importance of land development has been made clear by government legislation that has put regulations regarding how landowners can develop their property without negatively affecting the environment.

When building codes are followed properly, they help reduce the negative impact that development has on the environment while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a particular area. Developers have to be careful to plan projects that will not harm wetlands or endangered species habitats, keeping waterways clean and safe for people and wildlife.

Infrastructure Development

As previously noted, land development requires infrastructure to make it possible for residents to live comfortably in their new homes, work at their jobs and shop in retail areas without worrying about traffic or pollution. Infrastructure includes roads, power lines, water lines, sewers, and street lights.

Some states make developers accountable for enhancing the various infrastructure around the area. This ensures that constant improvements are always taking place. The governing body's financial obligations are also lessened a great deal.

Types of Land Development

The type of land development depends on the purpose and scope of the project. For example, some people may want to develop a piece of land for construction purposes, while others may want to develop the same piece of land for agricultural purposes.

Land development can take place in urban and rural areas. In general, there are two types of land development:

  • Urban Development

  • Rural Development

Urban development involves infrastructure construction and other activities meant to improve living standards in cities and towns. Rural development involves agricultural activities like irrigation and water provision to improve living standards in rural areas.


When it comes to land development, you will need a partner with your interests at heart. Some various processes and procedures will require your attention, and we at Campbell & Mance Resources will help you understand them. We understand the importance of fully utilizing land and its impact on its area. Call us today and let us help you explore your land to its full potential.


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